Belledorm Established for over 30 years belledorm® has built a distinguished reputation in the UK bedlinen industry as being one of the largest suppliers of Exceptional Home Linens. Every product we sell, every customer we do business with and every Belledorm member of staff is treated with the same values: with respect and with personal and detailed attention"

Based in the 'Heart of UK textiles' in Manchester, belledorm® operates out of Kearsley Mill, a 240,000 sq foot facility formerly a Textile Mill in the 19th Century. Three floors of warehousing and picking locations, offices and 2 showrooms hold almost 3,500 different product SKUs and 500,000 units of stock.

With products carefully designed and sourced from around the world including Egypt, China, Pakistan and Turkey arriving in the building on a regular basis and orders being despatched to stores and domestic customers every day, Kearsley Mill relies on the efficiency and accuracy of its staff and processes. Through years of continuous improvement, belledorm® has fine tuned its operations to allow for the consistent servicing of its high profile retailers, wholesalers and concession outlets across the UK, Ireland and Overseas.